Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a little more substance.

so, today i started my job at Tricia Barksdale Designs and just love it to pieces. i processed a box of flowers she is using for a wedding this weekend...removed the leaves, cut the stems, etc. sounds boring probably but it really was anything other than boring. i spent 3.5 hours doing that and talking and learning flower names and how to take care of them and it was just so peachy. i hope i keep enjoying it this much and learning this much! its such a blessing to get to work somewhere that i enjoy.

i got some books yesterday! the shack, vintage Jesus, and an anthology kind of book with C.S. Lewis' 7 most read books. i'm really excited about all of them. i know the shack is controversial and i understand why, but i want to read it before i have an opinion about it, and i think sometimes its okay to read something and glean from it the goodness and leave the rest behind. we'll see :).

also (i'm about to go mega-wife here) i'm in the market for some new recipes. you know those times when food just seems boring? i'm in one of them. any good (not too complicated) ideas?

mid afternoon snack.

...i love my job.

now i have to go take a final.

but i just had to say, i love my job.

more to come on why :).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

flower power.

today i took a job working with Trish Barksdale, my florist from our wedding. she is bringing her flower shop back to College Station from Martha's Bloomers in Navasota and needs someone to help her with marketing and little things so she has time to design and create - something she is incredible at doing. i'm so, so grateful and excited! i loved working with her designing things for the wedding and i can't wait to get to know her better, work in a cute little shop (which shares a building with Baskets of the Brazos - who i will likely get to do some work for as well!), and get to know some things about marketing, retail, and flowers. God is so faithful.

here is some of trish's work from our wedding:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

still searching.


here is a banner i found on - a website i encourage you to check out. you can copy and paste the code onto myspace, facebook, blogs, etc.

in other news, last night jared and i went to see john mayer and colbie callait in the woodlands. holy mackerel. i had no idea john mayer was such a musician (as opposed to just a guy with a good voice). he is truly amazing and we had such a great time.

music is really good for us.