Saturday, October 25, 2008

are your thoughts results of static cling?

a whole month since i've posted?

i didn't want to be "that blogger."

"those bloggers" bug me - why have a blog and not blog, blogger?

sometimes life just gets a little crazy, or maybe its that it gets so uncrazy - so "nothing's really going on"ish - that you're not too sure what to write. i think that's where i am at the moment. life is sweet, moving quickly, approaching with more adulthood and decision making in every breath i take, it seems, but nothing is so concrete or palpable that i feel i can blog about it. i would love to have that little creative flare that seems to enable some to blog a quote or story or craft or project and explore a little depth without attempting to establish a new theory or save the world or anything of that sort, and perhaps i will someday. but, for now, i find it an immense challenge to write without swinging between scratching no surface at all and sticking my hand deep into my soul and tossing whatever i find onto the page. we'll see if the middle comes.

i just read a book called "my sister's keeper" by jodi picoult. excellent. you'll want to read it in about 2 days because of the subject matter - you just have to know what happens. i love that.

we're going to see jason mraz in houston tonight, one of our favorite musicians who actually inspired the name of my blog. so, for today i write and read and tonight "we sing, we dance." enjoy your saturday.