Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun-day Monday Post #2

Today we have a guest's the hubby!

I just would like to say that I appreciate this opportunity. Not only have I been invited to be a guest poster on the wesingwedance blog, but I have been invited for a Monday Fun-day post. This might be one of the most significant invites in my life.

I'm not a writer by trade. So this will not be as polished as Abby's posts and for that I apologize.

Each and everyone of us have experienced what I would like to talk about today. We all have had the moment. Some of us where studying at a library for an upcoming test. Others were on a road-trip with friends on a wonderfully beautiful day. Invariably, we find ourselves shifting through our iPods, iTunes, and, for those kickin it old school, our CD collections to find the perfect tune to capture that moment in our existence.

I love that moment.

I love being in the car with Abby on a sunny day, driving to College Station, and finding that perfect song. I love the rhythm that comes with music, no matter what the mood or environment. I love that in that moment when the first chord is played, something inside of me breathes a little deeper.

So, for my Monday Fun-day's to finding rhythm

radioactive week.

well, my friends, stay far, far away because i am hereby radioactive for the next 5 days. as in stay six feet away from people...

eat jolly ranchers to save my salivary glands (yeah, i don't know.)...
wear plastic gloves....

and saran wrap my phone and keyboard...

all out radioactive. isn't that...freakish? i know. i'm quite aware of it at the moment.

so, here i sit, computer in my lap, jared and dad across the room talking about the differences between various systems of theology, considering my options for the evening (as in which book or tv show...or even combination! i know, riveting). i don't feel sick which is great, just tired but free to be i suppose as i'll be isolated to our apartment for 5 days.