Saturday, July 2, 2011

just a little something.


seven months since my last post.

i'm not entirely convinced that i'm "back" in terms of blogging yet, but as i was brewing some java this morning, my little mug collection made me think of yellow songbird's "around the house" link up party today and i thought i'd participate.

the green and white emma mugs are from pottery barn and were a wedding gift given to jared and me (okay, mostly me). the "a" mug is from anthropologie (i can't even think about anthropologie without butterflies of happiness fluttering about inside me), but more importantly, from my sweet friend mrs. meredith martin espey who married her love, charlie, on june 17th. the lovely mug was part of our  bridesmaid gift. meredith's wedding was so special to be a part of - the ceremony was sweet and sacred, and the reception was a true celebration. it was a lovely day altogether and i am thrilled that meredith and charlie's long distance days are over!

well, i'm off to figure out why my computer keeps changing my settings from "U.S." to "Spanish" or "Irish."

happy saturday!