Friday, March 26, 2010

more to come...

health update: follicular thyroid cancer was confirmed after my first surgery and my entire thyroid and the lymph nodes surrounding it were removed in a second surgery about 10 days ago. now we're waiting for my thyroid levels to be low enough so that i can do the radiation and then (hallelujah) get on some thyroid medication (i'm really interested in doing natural thyroid as opposed to synthroid - anyone out there familiar with it?) and level out again.

enough with that craziness.

per the request of my sister, hillary, and my own desire to blog more often, this monday will begin the first in a series of "monday fun-day" posts, which will most likely be a compilation of whatever fun things have been on my mind whether it be new music, clothes, places i'd like to go, recipes, whatever - basically it's a way to guarantee myself that i'll post and kinda get me back in the writing groove :). we'll see.

lots of love.