Thursday, January 28, 2010


Jared and I just returned from an evening of Office watching and conversation with fun, deeply-thinking, God-loving friends. The guys, as they've been known to do, split off rather quickly to talk about their classes, theology, and whatever modalism is, and us ladies found our conversation drifting toward the newest big thing, the iPad. The discussion of Apple's newest creative venture eventually rabbit trailed into thoughts on how technology is influencing the communication, language, and relationships of today. We knew we weren't the first people to ever think of this issue, but as women who hope to be mothers someday and who value face to face interaction, deep community, closeness, and showing others who Jesus is through action...we found ourselves with quite a bit to say.
For example, texting is great. I love texting. Texting gets things accomplished and allows for information to be communicated without much trouble at all. Fabulous. I'm all about information and making plans and saying a quick hello. I've definitely been known to even have a texting conversation in my day, but that's where we thought things started to get a little hazy. Why not pick up the phone, or even send an email (something that at least has a distant reference to a thought out letter)?
And what about when we have kids? What about when our kids start feeling the pressure and need to feel connected? How will we help them form meaningful friendships, even mentorships, even if it's just a few? How do we teach the value that comes from depth and not just width? Come to think of it, how do we help ourselves believe in it?
I don't think texting or emailing or whatever else by default keeps people from having deep relationships. But I constantly notice with myself a need to feel connected and informed, and all too often I attempt to fill that need with facebook or a surface level text message. Why not pick up the phone and have a conversation? I have time. We all have time at some point. So, I suppose the question is, how are we spending it? What do we cherish and value? Relationships touch souls, and souls last forever. I just want to be sure I'm treasuring the souls in my life, not just surface level information.
One of my friends tonight said we're going to look up one day and realize that we're the most connected people in the world, yet also the loneliest. Lets find ways to make sure that's not the case, for the sake of Jesus Christ, the community He cherishes, and the generations He may allow us to touch.


i thought the blog could use a little face lift. i'm hoping that the same theory of buying new clothes and therefore wanting to dress up more often will apply here. new look, new posts. we'll see...