Friday, December 19, 2008

for my married friends.

dear couples, for the most part,

recently i listened to "the peasant princess" series, an in depth study of the song of solomon, by mark driscoll from mars hill bible church in seattle. it was excellent in so many senses of the word - good Bible exposition and incredibly practical, convicting, accessible application. i encourage you and your hubby to give it a listen, you can find it on itunes under "Mars Hill Church: Mark Driscoll Audio." i will say it gets a times, which is the only reason i specifically mentioned my married friends, obviously singles were sitting in church when Mark preached these sermons and can learn a great amount from them, it may just tend toward being more frustrating than helpful at times. use your judgment :).

anyhow, also, one of the sermons in the series is called "the little foxes," referring to the process of eliminating sin and temptation from your marriage. you, yes you, can play "whac-a-fox" and get those mean little foxes right out of your garden. hilarious.

this is my last day at the basket shop before i start my new position - strange. i'm excited to move on but its a little sad to leave. change always creates a lot of feelings, ya know? well, here i go!

disclaimer: mark may say things you don't line up with 100% whether in opinions about theology, sex, or family. i encourage you to keep listening and understand the heart of the message.

Monday, December 15, 2008

grace upon grace.

i'm so grateful for graduation.
for the accomplishment
for the relief of no more homework
for the reminder of the mark my college years have made on my life
for the incredible job opportunity i now have because i was able, somehow, to graduate early.

want to hear about it? ok. super. i love talking about it.

my current boss, melany, who owns baskets on the brazos wasn't going to be able to add very many more hours for me in the spring so i was going to keep that job and add another part time maybe at starbucks or something. but, one day last week, she mentioned that her husband, bryan, who owns traditions health care and hospice may be looking for a volunteer coordinator (idea). so, thursday i walk into the store mid-day to pick up some more deliveries to take out and this is what happened...

*melany is on the phone with bryan*
melany: hey abby, bryan wants to know if you want the job
abby: um....yes.
melany: *laughter* do you need to talk to your husband?
abby: i mean, i told him about the possibility (memo to audience: he was elated), he'll say yes
melany: bryan, she says she wants it....abby, he says you're a college graduate now so you have to tell him how much you think you should make
abby: ...maybe i will talk to jared
melany: *more laughter* does x-x amount sound right to you?
abby: definitely.
melany: he asked if you can email him your resume and start january 5th
abby: he serious?! does he know i'm leaving in may?
melany: she wants to know if you're serious, bryan, she really wants it, but she wants to know if you know she's moving in may...yeah, he's serious and he knows you're moving, he just wants you to get their volunteer program started.
abby: um, ok!
melany: yeah, you've got the job, just email him your resume.
abby: *inward happy dance* ok!

God is good, all the time.

i'll give you more job details as i get them, but for now just know its a dream come true.
God is more faithful than we will ever, ever have words for. praise Him with me!