Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As a class assignment this semester, I've "had" to read a devotion from Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest four days a week and then write a journal entry about it. God has used Chamber's words to convict, encourage, and strengthen believers for decades, and I've been incredibly blessed in each of those ways as well.

In our Sunday School class at our church, we've been working through the accounts in the Old Testament, most recently coming to the chapters about Abram (he isn't Abraham yet :)). We've been challenged to see even the earliest recordings in Genesis as a part of our story as believers, recognizing that God is continually unfolding the story of His glory most of all, and our redemption as a part of that immeasurable glory.

Today, I pulled up the My Utmost entry for November 17th, and lo and behold, there's our friend Abra(ha)m! Of all the ways God reveals His presence to me, I must say that one of my favorites, if I can have those, is when He weaves multiple vessels by which He is teaching me about Himself together...or, more simply, when paths cross. Abraham on Sunday, and Abraham (surprisingly) throughout the week strengthens my faith so that I can say things like "Jesus, I know You are here."

In this devotion, Chambers writes of how Abraham "reached where he [was] in touch with the very nature of God." Doesn't that just make your soul sing? Statements like that help me to remember that there is absolutely nothing on this earth that could ever surpass the greatness of knowing God by the kindness and revelation of the Spirit, and through the blood of Jesus Christ. "In touch with the very nature of God" - aware of His essence, confident of His goodness and love, trusting of His justice and mercy.

May God draw us deeper and deeper into His heart so that we can believe more about Who He is, we can know exactly who we are because of Him, and we can love this world around us with the utmost confidence and courage.