Tuesday, November 16, 2010

calm down, sister.

i allow blogging to make me way too uptight.

my life has been a continuous trial and error experiment of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, the wrong thing at the right time, the right thing at the wrong time, and, occasionally, the right thing at the right time (you'll notice that the above equation results in a one in four success rate, hence the nervousness to blog). in attempts to speak in truth and kindness, with love and meaning, i've realized that for some seasons of my life, i'll simply have to be quiet. however, i'm also realizing that sometimes dreaming out loud can be truthful, kind, loving, meaningful. i'm also realizing that my words don't have to be perfect or my line of thinking completely refined (as though it ever could be) in order for others to benefit from it. so, off i go...

what fun it would be to:
record an audio book
sing and play a song or two in a studio with my universally talented husband
have a house with a room that has song lyrics, verses, and poem stanzas written on the walls

that's all.

perhaps, someday.