Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the language of spirit and soul.

my heart/soul/spirit don't tend to speak English. they favor the dialect of music.

just a few they've been speaking frequently, recently:

we are man and wife - michelle featherstone
where i stood - missy higgins
samson - regina spektor

i'm mostly writing this because - thank you Jesus - i got my tuition rebate in the mail yesterday and get to spend it on a piano/keyboard. i miss playing so much, and my parents don't have a piano anymore, so i rarely if ever get to play. my favorite place to sing is when i'm also playing. i can't wait to learn the songs above and many, many more. suggestions?

also - www.oth-music.com goes episode by episode and gives the songs for each episode of one tree hill. whether you watch the show or not - its very musically savvy (each show is named after a song) and i've acquired some amazing tunes through it.

thank God for music. sometimes English just doesn't do it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

well, i'm sitting here at my parent's dining room table on a lovely sunday afternoon waiting for danielle (my dear friend who is in england at the moment) to appear online so i can skype for the first time! quite exciting.

this weekend, our church did a weekend for the youth called "kardia" which means heart. it was set up like a d-now, one night & we stayed in people's homes , and the theme was "the sex delusion." it breaks my heart for the immorality these kids are exposed to every single day, i know our world has always been gross - but it seems that approval of the grossness is increasing every day. i really believe this was a beautiful weekend of truth, healing, and preparation to stand strong for the right reasons - not just because "True Love Waits." God really is good, all the time. His truth really is true, all the time. and Satan is a liar not on occasion, but all the time, it is the essence of who he is. just as he cannot do anything but lie and manipulate, God can do nothing but speak truth, justice, and love. what a wonderful Savior.

well, danielle and i have found each other so i'm heading out to chat. have a lovely day :)